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WSMI supports market development in Thailand

WSMI Director-General Dr David Webber attended two important meetings in Thailand to discuss opportunities for developing the nonprescription sector in the country. The first meeting, organised by the Regulatory Affairs Profession Society, took place at the Thaï Food and Drug Administration.  Dr Webber presented on “global experiences in medicines reclassification” and positive discussions in a cordial atmosphere took place on the topic. A second meeting was held at the International Chamber of Commerce to discuss the opportunity to create a separate OTC association in the country. Driven in particular by economic pressures (not least the cost of healthcare) and social pressures (people’s growing interest in health), the nonprescription medicines market is becoming more distinct and separate from the prescription market within the healthcare & pharmaceuticals sector.  Both markets have different dynamics, different regulations and involve different skills and knowledge. Dr David Webber explained how a separate OTC association can give more focused support to OTC market development. In general, as country markets get larger and more important, a separate OTC country association is formed. Most of the top 30 country markets have a separate OTC association.

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