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UK Study shows a disconnect between how people view self-care and how they act

The “Self Care Nation Report”, commissioned by PAGB and released in November 2016 examines the UK public’s attitudes to self-care and finds that, while 92% of the UK public know the importance of taking responsibility for their own health, 47% would not visit a pharmacist first for advice on treating minor conditions and 34% would go straight to the doctor. In that same survey, on the benefits of self-care, 69% of respondents believe it is quicker than getting an appointment to see a doctor, 60% feel it is easier and more convenient, and over half believe it is cheaper than paying for a prescription. Pointing out to the huge cost of unnecessary GP prescriptions and visits to A&E rooms as well as to the potential savings from self-care, the report concludes with a set of proposal to help overcome the barriers to self care such as raise awareness of each individual’s NHS footprint, increase awareness of the expertise of pharmacists, ensure consistent messaging and signposting to appropriate services and improve health literacy.

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