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Potential savings from Self Care: the paracetamol example in the UK

In many countries around the globe, people tend to turn to the doctor for prescriptions of medicines which can easily be purchased directly from the pharmacy or convenience store. This impacts negatively national health expenditures. In a country like the UK, in one year, doctors write as many as 22,900,000 prescriptions for paracetamol, costing tax payers £87,600,000. The average cost of a paracetamol prescription to the NHS was calculated to be of £3.83 (source: Daily Mail, July 2016). This is consistent with previous studies which showed that there were an estimated 57 million GP consultations and 3.7 million visits to A&E for self-treatable conditions a year, costing the NHS £2.3 billion (IMS Health 2007, Self-Care Forum 2012).


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