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Pricing Matters

The pricing of nonprescription medicines, or at least those which are not reimbursed by national social security or health insurance coverage programs, is not subject to price controls in most countries around the world. The European Commission has stated on several occasions that the positive experience with free pricing for manufacturers of nonprescription medicines should be taken into account even when discussing prescription medicines and has therefore recommended to all European Union Member States that they remove price controls for nonprescription medicines. Given the high level of competition among nonprescription medicine manufacturers, consumers have been well-served through a free market in which manufacturers set prices based on supply and demand.

While recognizing that many governments have some form of price control or cost-containment measures in place for reimbursed medicines (be they prescription or nonprescription), WSMI urges governments to allow manufacturers to set their own prices for nonprescription medicines which are not reimbursed based on market conditions.

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