9th WSMI AP Regional Conference and 1st APSMI General Assembly
October 2012

The 9th WSMI AP Regional Conference and 1st APSMI General Assembly took place in Seoul, Korea on October 19-20, 2012. Around 200 delegates from China, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea and close to 30 speakers and panellists representing industry, government and pharmacists profession gathered together at the Seoul's Conference and Exhibition Center (COEX) in the World Trade Center Complex for a two-day meeting on the theme of “Future Horizons in Self-Care”. Subjects such as the contribution of OTCs to Health, consumer education and the new roles of pharmacy were discussed  as well as the regulation of OTC medicines. Two years after its creation, APSMI – the Asia-Pacific Self-Medication Industry – was proud to introduce the “APSMI Country Report” which present the results of a survey on the regulation of OTCs in 12 AP countries. A ‘Seoul Communiqué’ was issued at the end of the meeting in which the participants expressed their commitment to support and encourage efforts promoting self-care in their various environments. The conference was held concurrently with Pharm Expo Seoul 2012, a major event hosted by the Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA). WSMI DG gave an interview to KPA as part of the event (see the 20-minute interview on u-tube). The conference was deemed a great success by all participants.

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