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The WSMI Declarations and Policy Principles

Self-care has gained interest in recent years in the health policy arena. The importance to preserve one’s good health and to prevent disease vs treating illness is better understood. Patients worldwide benefit from being active participants in their own healthcare rather than just being passive recipients of care. Healthcare systems are under increased financial pressure and are not sustainable if they continue to focus on treating disease rather than preventing it.

In 2006 the WSMI Board of Directors agreed on a “WSMI Declaration on Self-Care and Self-Medication” which summarizes these trends and emphasizes that one of the building blocks for a sustainable healthcare system is to give people the self-care tools they need to help them manage their health, outlining that an appropriate regulatory framework should be in place for responsible self-medication.

Under the impulse of WSMI, a number of countries and regions have subsequently adopted their own declaration tailored to their individual situation, reinforcing the relevance of the WSMI Board Declaration also at regional and national levels.

WSMI Declarations:

WSMI Policy Principles:


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